Stary Mwaba

Stary Mwaba (b.1976 in Chingola, Zambia) obtained his Master of Fine Arts degree from Rhodes University and is a member of the SARCHI research group - Geopolitics of Africa. Mwaba is Lusaka based artist, who went through the Rockston Studios 1985 apprentice programme under Lutanda Mwamba. Mwaba's work, research and current working process highlight specific subjects using personal small narratives (Petits récits) that engage with archival materials as components of his work, these then functions as the starting point for the works to engage with the current socio-political circumstances in Zambia. He is the recipient of The Commonwealth Arts and Crafts Award, Zambia National Arts Council Award and the 2014/2015 KfW Stiftung grant at Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin. Mwaba has participated in numerous residencies, exhibitions and international workshops, which include, Bisi Silva’s CCA, FCA Ghana, Robert Wilson’s Watermill Residency New York, The Caribbean Contemporary Arts, Trinidad and Tobago and Braziers International workshop, London. His solo exhibitions include the Solace of a migrant (2009) at Gallery Momo, Freedom in Transition (2008) at Lusaka National Museum, Crossing Over at the Caribbean Contemporary Arts, Port of Spain Trinidad and Tobago in 2005.

1976 -
Nationality: Zambian