Gladys Kalichini

Gladys Melina Kalichini (b. 1982, Zambia ) is a visual artist and researcher and currently a PhD candidate at Rhodes University. She is a member of the SARCHI research group - Geopolitics of Africa. Her studio practice and research focus on three main categories, namely; Colonial History, Memory and Marginalisation. Kalichini works with notions of narratives of women by drawing on the relationships pertaining to and between these three broad categories. The bodies of work she produces usually manifest into two-dimensional artworks (ranging from drawings, painting and photography) and installations. Currently, her work explores the representations of the ‘female black body’ in history by examining absent and misplaced narratives of women in African histories. She draws from given/specific/singular narratives about women that are held in the collective memory of histories as an entry point to the broader discussion of narratives of women marginalised from certain historicised events. She uses the traces of the history of Alice Lenshina (b. 1920 - d. 1978) and Julia Chikamoneka (b.1910 – 1986) as held in Zambia’s collective memory (through commemorative gestures and the archive) to show that women’s historical narratives are not fixed at any point in time, they are rather continuously in flux either changing to become alternative representations of themselves or they fade and disappear.

1982 -
Nationality: Zambian
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