David ‘Daut’ Makala

Daut Makala (b.1983 , Lusaka, Zambia) is a multimedia artist from Lusaka, who currently serves as the vice chairperson of the Visual Art Council of Zambia and founder of Studio225 in Chilenje market, which focuses on close media collaboration around identity, history and the politics of the black body from the pre- to neo-colonial era. Under the mentorship of Stary Mwaba, he did an apprenticeship at Evelyn Hone College with Alex Nkazi in drawing and painting (2010-2012). In 2015 he was selected for the Asiko’ Art School Residency in Mozambique, organised by Olabisi Silva, in the same year, he attended the Insaka International Art Workshop Residency in Livingstone, Zambia. In 2017, he held a solo exhibition called Rites of Passage at the 37d Gallery, Lusaka. The exhibition focused on research he is doing on masquerades of the Chewa people who live on the borders of Zambia, Mozambique, Malawi and Tanzania.

1983 -
Nationality: Zambia
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