Aaron Samuel Mulenga

Aaron Samuel Mulenga (b. 1990, Lusaka, Zambia) is a multimedia artist and at present a Master candidate at Rhodes University. His work explores themes of identity, power, mobility and the reimagination of religious iconography, in particular, Christianity. By reimagining images that depict biblical characters or stories in a way that is more inclusive of people of colour, his intention is to destabilize the Eurocentric narrative that is prevalent in such images. Mulenga’s work contains symbols that speak to Zambian cultural heritage and draws on practices such as the unique body markings used by the Bemba people (amongst other cultural groups in the country) as a tool to identify themselves. he was drawn to this enquiry when he realized that there was a lack of representation of black people in the images of Christianity, he was engaging with; leading him to join the conversation of spirituality in Africa through the work he produces.

1990 -
Nationality: Zambia
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