The !Kauru African Contemporary Art project aims to promote conversations in Africa and internationally that change perceptions of the continent through contemporary art. It provides a platform for African contemporary artists and cultural practioners to engage around a showcase of contemporary art from the continent. The strategic plan, aims to incorporate all five regions of the African continent over the lifespan of the project.

The first initiative of this contemporary visual art project was an exhibition that took place on 25 May 2012 at the Sandton Art Gallery in Johannesburg which was accompanied by a workshop on professional practice for aspirant contemporary artists and community outreach programme.

The project aims to sensitize and mobilize South African/African audiences and the media, in the appreciation of contemporary African visual arts. Art is seen as a means to promote inter Africa /Diaspora cultural exchange in a direct and meaningful way. In addition this project can also establish a network and create visibility for the participating artists, art promoters and institutions – all of which will help promote the future sustainability of the sector.

Art is seen as a way to promote inter Africa /Diaspora cultural exchange in a direct and meaningful way while creating a network and visibility for artists, artists promoters and institutions to future promote the sustainability of the sector. The project interventions include (but are not limited to) a travelling museum exhibition, and allied skills, educational, academic and audience programs.

As a key stakeholder, !Kauru is supported by the Department of Arts and Culture, (International Relations) and seeks to instill and increase Inter Africa, Caribbean and Diaspora arts and culture activities between civil society, government and the private sector. This is achieved by collaboration in various capacities between sponsors, State organisations and civil society in realising the projects vision.

BacktoBack Advertising are the project managers under the guidance of !Kauru Director Tshepiso Mohlala.