!Kauru is an art Foundation on a mission to change perceptions about the role of art in society in Africa and to help grow appreciation for the value of investing in art.

We especially love celebrating Africa’s living heritage.

!Kauru is also a Consultancy uniquely positioned, at the intersection of art and advertising, to create innovative art collection, event and experience solutions. 

!Kauru aims to promote conversations in Africa and internationally that change perceptions of the continent through contemporary art. It provides a platform for African contemporary artists and cultural practioners to engage around a showcase of contemporary art from the continent. The strategic plan, aims to incorporate all five regions of the African continent.

The first initiative of !Kauru was an exhibition that took place on 25 May 2012 at the Sandton Art Gallery in Johannesburg which was accompanied by a workshop on professional practice for aspirant contemporary artists and community outreach programme.

Art is a means to promote inter Africa /Diaspora cultural exchange in a direct and meaningful way. In addition !Kauru contributes to establishing a network and creating visibility for the participating artists, art promoters and institutions – all of which will help promote the future sustainability of the sector.

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